Carnival De Aracaju

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What is Carnival? For those that don't know...Carnival is the most famous Brazilian holiday. During this time period Brazil attracts 70% of its tourists. Variations in Carnival celebrations are observed throughout the multitude of Brazilian cities. Yet, a commonality observed among them is the incorporation of samba into the celebrations. The southeastern cities of Brazil have massive parades that take place in large sambadromes. The largest Carnival celebration in Brazil and the world occurs in ... [Continue Reading / Comments]

Exploring The Amazon Rainforest

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I am literally in the Amazon Jungle and we have some photos and experiences to share. First, I should point out that the Amazon Jungle is everything that I thought it would be. It is very wild…very remote…and very unique. We paid a guide to take us off the beaten path and into the rainforest by small boat. The first thing you notice is how easy it is to breathe our here. The smells…and how quiet it is. Once you sit in one place for awhile…the birds start to sing and animals can be ... [Continue Reading / Comments]

Manaus Brazil :: There and Back

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Manaus (Brazil) is a small city on the Amazon River. There are tons of factories here...Samsung, Honda, Sony, name it and they are probably here too. They all came for the same tax break that the government has offered to help lift the region out of the economic isolation. This Free Economic Zone began more than 60 years ago, and I read in a well-known travel guide, that this city was now a prosperous region of the country. Rosie got talked into visiting this region by...yours ... [Continue Reading / Comments]